Fabric Ornament Tutorial! Sparkle and Twirl: Ornament Along Week 5


I was really into making paper garlands at one time, and made some just like this for my wedding (seven years ago!). It was really fun to transfer this idea to fabric. This sparkly Manchester Metallic from Robert Kaufman is so perfect for this ornament, and it looks great with these prints from Jennifer Sampou's Shimmer On. 

I think my partner in quilting-cotton-crime Mathew aka Mister Domestic did a FABulous job on his as well! 

Make sure to post progress pictures to Instagram using the hashtags #ornamentalong and #SparkleTwirlOrnament.

The winner this week, chosen randomly from the hashtag, will receive this amazing Orange Blossom bundle from my favorite human beings at Plum Easy Patterns! As I've already stated very publicly, I love Plum Easy Pattern's ground nut shells and Ground Emory for pincushions, as well as their Dancing Gems pattern (I cannot WAIT to show off the bag I made!). This Orange Blossom package includes the pattern, the stencil, and freezer paper sheets that make creating this beautiful orange peel design a breeze. 

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Sparkle Twirl Ornament

You can learn all about how to make the Sparkle Twirl Ornament in this video I made: Sparkle Twirl Ornament Video


(4) 5" squares of fabric

Sparkle Twirl Pattern Piece (or draw 3" circles with a line down the center)

1/4 yard 72F Peltex® II Two-Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer

Hera Marker

Fabric glue

Wonder Clips


Beads (optional)


1. Print and cut out Sparkle Twirl Pattern Piece, or draw a 3" circle with a line down the center and cut out

2. Trace circle onto Peltex and cut out. Repeat until you have four circles

3. Fold paper circle in half along line. Use this to draw the line on each Peltex Circle


4. Use Hera Marker to score the line on both the front and the back of the circle


5. Fuse circles onto your fabrics

6. Draw a line 5/8" around the Peltex circle and cut out

7. Snip triangles out of the "seam allowance" of fabric surrounding the Peltex circle

8. With the circle right side down, use your iron to fold and fuse the fabric triangles over the wrong side of the peltex. Repeat for all four circles


9. Glue two circles together by their flaps (only half of each circle should be glued. Repeat for other two circles, so that you have two sets of two circles half-joined. Use Wonder Clips to keep them together


10. Place ribbon between two sets of circles, and then glue the two sets together, then clip with Wonder Clips and let dry 4 hours


11. It may be necessary to press the ornament after taking the Wonder Clips off, as they may leave dents in the Peltex



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