How to Make a Rag Wreath! Ornament Along Week 7

Great work on those Hoop It Up ornaments last week! Let's keep getting some use out of those embroidery hoops for these quick and easy Rag Wreath Ornaments...


What you'll need:

3" hoop

(34) 1/2" x 6" strips 

Ribbon for hanging

Embellishments (optional)


1) Fold each strip in half wrong sides together.


2) Hold strip under the hoop, with the folded end on the outside of the hoop.


3) Wrap the loose ends back over the edge of the hoop and insert them into the folded end of the strip.


4) Pull tight.


5) Repeat for all the strips, adjusting the knotted strips to cover the hoop completely with fabric strips.


6) Trim strips to a uniform length if necessary.

7) Insert a ribbon for hanging.

8) Embellish as desired.


Check out Mathew's version at!

Congratulations to Nancy @nancysiets for winning last week's prize. Make sure to post your progress to Instagram using the hashtags #ornamentalong and #ragwreathornament for a chance at this week's bounty. It's an incredible laser-cut quilt kit from Laser Cut Quilts! "Lost Legends" is designed by Madi Hastings and uses Nightfall Fabrics by Maureen Cracknell.

"Lost Legends" laser-cut quilt kit from Laser Cut Quilts

"Lost Legends" laser-cut quilt kit from Laser Cut Quilts

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