How to make a Fabric Kusudama! Ornament Along Week 11


Fabric Kusudama

Tutorial by WEFTY Needle

This is my last tutorial for the Ornament Along, so I decided to make it count! The fabric Kusudama Ball doesn't have to be relegated to just the holiday tree - mine will hang in the kitchen window year-round! And if just one flower is left out of the ball, it can be easily modified to act as a show-stopping tree-topper.

Fabric is Shimmer On by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman

Fabric is Shimmer On by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman

If you like, you can make a single Kusudama flower as an ornament, and I've included special instructions for that below.


Fabric Kusudama

Tutorial by WEFTY Needle


Make sure to post your progress this week using #ornamentalong and #fabrickusudama. You're going to want a chance at our prize this week...


The sponsor this week is WEFTY. The prize pack includes a set of WEFTY needles, the Woven Star Variations pattern, an EZ Miter template and pattern, AND a fist-full of assorted Art Gallery Smooth Denim fat quarters!

Don't forget to get a look at Mathew's Kusudama Ball on this blog. It's a beauty!

Video Tutorial

If you're a visual learner, take a look at this video I filmed of me making my Fabric Kusudama Ball:



(60) 3 x 3 inch squares of fabric

(12) 12 mm glass pearl beads

(12) glass head pins

Heavy Starch

Fabric Glue

Ribbon for hanging

Wonder Clips and Pins

Scraps of batting


Starch your fabric by spraying it and pressing according to manufacturer's instructions. I did this four times on BOTH sides of my fabric so it was super stiff and way less likely to fray. You can also use Fray Check after cutting if you like, just make sure to dry press the edges so it doesn't permanently darken your fabric.


Step 1

Take one 3" square and fold it from one corner to the other to create a triangle. Press. Repeat for all squares.


Step 2

Fold the side corners of one triangle to the top corner. Repeat for all triangles.


Step 3

Open the flap you just created, and line up the crease on the flap to the fold inside. Do this for both flaps. Press. Repeat for all pieces.


Step 4

Fold and tuck the point inside the flap you just flattened. Do this for the other side. Press. Repeat for all peices.


Step 5

Fold the side flaps in half and press. 


Step 6

Fold the piece in half and glue. Secure with pins or a Wonder Clip. 


Step 7

Glue together flower petals in pairs (one petal will remain unglued for each flower), secure, and let dry.


Step 8

Glue together five petals, secure, and let dry. Repeat for all flowers.


Completing the Flower

Wad up a scrap of batting, dab with glue, and insert into the flower. Use a glass head pin to secure a bead in the middle of the flower. 

Glue together six flowers to create half of the Kusudama Ball. Secure and let dry. Repeat for other half. Make sure to place ribbon in the middle before gluing the two sides together!

Single Kusudama Flower Ornament

If making a single flower, use a small glass bead and pin on the back of the flower for a more finished look. I attached the cut ends of my ribbon with glue to the top petal, then covered it with a matching scrap of fabric.


Fabric Kusudama

Single Flower Ornament by WEFTY Needle

I can't wait to see your Fabric Kusudama ornaments! Make sure to tag me and use the hashtag #FabricKusudama.

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