WEFTY Fabric Weaving with Pre Cut Rolls: Cut and Fold

Hey it's the one-woman show at WEFTY here to tell you about using pre cut rolls of fabric to weave!


I get asked a lot if its possible to weave pre cut rolls of fabric. The short answer is absolutely! I have two ways I prep pre cut strips for weaving. Today I'm going to talk about the first way, which I call Cut and Fold.

You can watch the full YouTube video for using pre cut rolls for weaving here!


A pre cut roll of fabric typically consists of 40 strips of fabric cut width of fabric by the manufacturer. They are 2.5 inches wide by about 44 inches long. This Roll-Up is Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis for Robert Kaufman. 


The supplies you'll need for the Cut and Fold method are:

Clear Quilting Ruler

Self Healing Mat and Rotary Cutter

Light Starch (such as Best Press Spray or Flatter)

Iron and ironing board

I carefully fold a strip so the raw edges line up and cut a half inch off lengthwise. The width of the strip is now 2 inches. I then spray the strip with light starch and lay it wrong side up on my ironing board. I use my fingers to fold the raw edges to the middle and press. Easy peasy! You can also use pins or a bias tape maker to fold and press.

I've been asked if you can leave the strip 2.5 inches wide and just overlap the folds on the back. I wouldn't advice that because of the bulk, but I haven't ever tried it. Others have asked about leaving that half inch on the side, to fold and press to 1.25 inches wide. Yes, I've done this! Your 1 inch WEFTY will still work for this wide of a strip, just take care to flatten out any folding or wrinkling if that happens.


Thank you for reading. I hope whatever you're working on, you're enjoying the process!


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