Just Like Starting Over: My Creative Journey in Blossom Issue #5


A while back I wrote a small article for Amy Butler to include in her Blossom Magazine Issue #5. Read it here. I've written and talked a whole lot about inventing the WEFTY and starting my business, but not about my creative journey to begin with. This was a powerful experience for me. I'm grateful for the opportunity to relive a pivotal moment, take stock of where I am, and optimistically look ahead.

As SHIRT says in his song We Back, "Respect the past, remember it, then forget that s**t, and do better than it!"

Photo by Amy Butler Designs

Photo by Amy Butler Designs

You can also find my Clare Anna Purse I made in Amy Butler's Night Music fabric for Free Spirit Fabrics in the magazine.

Blossom Magazine is filled with inspirational stories that dig deep into creatives' stories. The articles explore what drives artists, how makers interact with their worlds in a meaningful way, and the creative process. I always get a lot out of reading it (plus the photos are GORGEOUS).

I hope whatever you are working on, you are enjoying the process!

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