Using the WEFTY Needle

The WEFTY is designed specifically for use with fabric strips, either cut width of fabric or on the bias, single or double fold. 

Prepping Strips

Cut your strips two times the width you want your finished strip to be. Example: If you want to weave with 1/2” strips, cut your fabric into 1” strips. Place fabric strips wrong side up, fold raw edges to the middle, and press. Spray starch and bias tape makers are very helpful for this task.


WEFTY Weaving

Prepping Strips for Weaving

Using the WEFTY

Hold the WEFTY™ so that wording is facing up and the tapered end faces down. Thread the fabric strip into the eye of the WEFTY™ and fold it neatly underneath itself. This keeps the fabric strip flat as you weave. The tapered end will help you weave the WEFTY™ into the pinned strips, however, you may use another WEFTY™ or other tool to hold up the strips you are weaving under.


WEFTY Weaving

Second Layer

The grooves on the top of the WEFTY™ allow you to choose how to move it through your project: You may grip the WEFTY™ by the sides, or push it from the top using just your finger.

When weaving in the third layer of a triaxial weave, thread the WEFTY™ while holding it so that the numbers and tapered end face up. This helps the WEFTY™ move through the multiple layers of fabric without bending too much. 


WEFTY Weaving

Third Layer


Please keep the WEFTY™ away from small children.

While the WEFTY™ is flexible, it can break. Take care when using.

You can download and save these instructions:

 Using the WEFTY Instruction Sheet

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Have fun and enjoy the process!

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