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Sasher Tools to make 1 and 1/2 inch fabric strips for weaving with the WEFTY Needle!

Mini set of 2 Sashers - 1/2" and 1"

This custom pack is made especially for use with the WEFTY Needle. Have fun using your Sashers to turn your fabric strips into perfectly folded strips. No more burnt fingers!!!

Instructions: the measurements shown on each. Sasher's is the finished size of the strip being made. Cut the fabric strip TWICE the width of the chosen Sasher size.

For 1" folded strips - cut your fabric 2" wide and put through the 1" Sasher. For 1/2" folded strips - cut your fabric 1" wide and put through the 1/2" Sasher.

Strips can be cut on straight of grain (WOF) or Bias, however straight of grain (WOF) is best for weaving.

*Sashers can be used to make single and double fold bias tape as well!