Going away gift (and then I came back)

I've worked at a rape crisis center for the past eight years, but took a break to try my hand at therapy for about six months or so. When I left the crisis center, I was emotional about leaving people I felt were like an extended family so decided I wanted to make something for the office. My skill and confidence level weren't as high as they are right now, but I took on a love knot design for a table runner, which is pretty intricate.


The second photo shows the pattern, with handwritten notes where I had to keep straight which fabrics I was using for the different parts. That was the hardest part for me! It was tough to keep them straight. The fifth photo shows my hand sewing on the binding. I used a blanket stitch. Binding is machine sewn on one side, then folded over and hand sewn on the other side.

I of course didn't photograph my mistakes, but I did run out of backing fabric so one end looks a smidge goofy. 

Anyway, I gifted this to my job and it was appropriated by a counselor who gave it a nice home in her office between her counseling chairs. And now I'm back working there, which is the ultimate gift to them. Think they'd let me have this table runner back?