Love Bot

Got a call from my 10 year old niece the Thursday before Valentine's Day. I could just tell you what she said, but her voice mail message is too good not to share here:


Somehow I've become the person in the family who gives creative input into the kids' projects, and I like this role. I'm totally into it. I gave Grace a bunch of ideas, all of which she responded to pleasantly enough. But she kept saying, "Well, just think about it and you can always get back to me." I wasn't going to let her off the phone until we came up with an idea she loved. Finally we talked about either a toaster or a robot, and she seemed most excited about building a robot. I sent her some pictures and she came up with this as her final project: 


With every valentine, the Love Bot's Love Meter goes up.

From an e-mail sent after school on V-Day: Tara guess what!? I got most funniest on my robot!!!!!!!  I’ll send you a pic of him with his badge on! LOVES, GRACE