Tiny nine patch flannel baby quilt


This is a baby quilt in the making for a baby boy. No baby boy in particular, but whoever he ends up being, he'd better be grateful. 

I got a free pattern for some tiny 8 X 10 quilts, one of which was a nine patch. This nine patch pattern is so awesome, with super tiny pieces (i.e., 1.5 inch squares, etc.). I turned it into a much bigger quilt by tripling the number of blocks, and adding a lot of solids. Even after all that, the quilt wasn't big enough for a baby quilt, so I used a bunch of the scraps to add rows to the bottom and right side of the quilt (see picture three). What it started out as was a pretty neat and well put together quilt, and it's turning into a crazy design. 

I love it, and I can't wait for some infant to puke on it!