Baby Quilts All Grown Up

The first ever quilt I made was for my co-worker who was having a baby. At the time I had just moved to Iowa City and was working two jobs, one full time as a counselor and the other part time at JoAnn Fabrics. I remember I was super broke and thought that homemade gifts would save me billions. Full time work was going to have a baby shower for my co-worker, so I decided to make the baby a soft baby quilt with flannels. (That baby is eight years old, or at least close to it, now. I'm not sure her age, though I've asked her mother about a million times. Numbers are not my friends.) Anyway, I sewed the quilt entirely by hand and tie quilted it. At the time I didn't own a sewing machine. So I used stitch tape (tape that has marks on it that help you space your stiches nicely) and worked on it while watching the last season of Angel. I remember this because Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion from Firefly were in that last season. They both played bad guys, which is a shame. Anyway, this baby loved her quilt so much that I made one for her little sister. They are super cute kids now and apparently still love their quilts. Makes a quilter happy to see her work all worn out and well loved. Otherwise, what's the point?