Canadian Wedding Quilt

One of my favorite people on Earth got married yesterday in Canada. I made this quilt for her and her lovely lady. This quilt has been a lot of places. I got most of the fabric in Paducah, Kentucky. I sewed it together in Kalona, Iowa. My mom had it quilted in Audubon, Iowa and then sewed the binding on. Then it travelled with me and Don to Canada, and will be heading to it's new home in Brooklyn, New York. 


The pattern for this quilt is called Turning Twenty, which calls for 20 fat quarters. It's reversible, and was quilted together with red thread in a stitch pattern called Firestorm. I'm glad I picked Firestorm because it ties in with a reading at the ceremony about how love is friendship caught fire. How cool is that? Anyway, the quilt size is about 68 X 80 I think. I'm thinking lap quilts should be this size all the time. That way you can really cover up when you sleep on the couch. Not that I'm hoping this wedding quilt leads to either newlywed crashing on the couch, but ya know... It's nice to have a comforting quilt just in case :)