Inspiration given; Inspiration needed.

Inspiration Jars: at my work, we make inspiration jars for new volunteers and I made some for junior high girls in a Safe Dates psychoeducational group. We had them make a list of at least 21 reasons why they're awesome, then I asked them what their favorite color is and what color they most associate with happiness. I typed out their lists, copied them on colored paper (their favorite/happy colors), cut them out into slips, and folded each slip accordian style and put them in their jars. The girls were so happy when they got their jars! In some cases, when they wrote something like, "I'm somewhat smart," I typed "I'm somewhat smart." The ones who noticed that were pretty stoked. I also added inspirational quotes I thought were especially pertinent to being a girl in junior high, such as "Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else." Take that, Lindsey Lohan!


I don't know what to do with this fabric. It's kind of like table cloth fabric, real shiny and synthetic, and would not work for a blanket. Any ideas? I originally got it to make a Christmas wreath (cut into 2x4 strips and poke into a foam wreath), but I don't decorate for Christmas. If you have better ideas, or want a Christmas wreath (from me, with this fabric), leave a comment. Oh, and buy a foam wreath ;-) JK, I'll buy the stinking wreath.


I need some major help with optimization here, people. I've got a pin problem. I can't get to sewing along at a good pace because I have to stop sewing to pull out pins and put them in the cushion. Pulling them out and tossing them aside doesn't work because picking them up between rows is annoying. Also, if I keep sewing while putting the pin away with my right hand, I swerve my stitching (much like I swerve into the center line while driving if I try to text message). I attempted to put the cusion on the sewing machine, but it's in the way there. If you've heard of any awesome ideas for dealing with this, I'd love some advice.