Let's hear it for the boyz

In which I highlight the abilities of others.*


This blog entry features boy-craftiness, which always astounds me. Men are meticulous at craftiness it seems, and they can do amazing things. This is a picture of our friend Jon with a t-shirt he made based off of a miscommunication Donald had while talking with the lead singer of Boyracer. I stole this picture right off of our friend Devin's FB page, all rights reserved (and violated). Check out the perfect spacing and layout on this shirt!

Speaking of Donald and craftiness, he is a true Renaissance man, whatever that means. He can do computer-y things involving words like "coding" "script" "graphs" and some other stuff I don't understand, shoot a deer, build a shed, fix refridgerator doors, write songs, and officiate weddings. Like most people, he gets depressed on his birthday. But instead of eating a pint of ice cream like a normal person, he takes on projects of epic proportions. Last year he learned how to make distortion pedals. Two or three years ago, having only sewn pillow cases (with zippers, which he insists will be a revolutionary product making us billions), he decided to make the perfect messenger bag. This is his second and final product:


* I just finished an interesting quilt top, but I can't post it yet because it's a present (check back in October). Another quilt I'm working on is just waiting on some hand quilting, but there again it's a gift so I can't post it yet (check back in a billion years). I'm currently working on a top secret contest quilt right now (check back in July). What the heck is my point, you ask? I have nothing to post. NOTHING. So over the next couple weeks I'm going to highlight other folks' craftiness, artsiness, talentedness, and all around awesomeness. And just so you know, I did not ask for permission from even one of these people to do so.