A soft quilt for a Texan baby

My co-worker is expecting a niece in the fall, and just earned her MBA - today! She's a good role model for her daughters and this niece-to-be, who will be rocking this new baby quilt in a few months.


The quilt measures approximately 36x34 with winky backing. Oh, by the way, I think it's called winky, not binky. Both terms are strange. The pattern is just sort of made up, using reproduction fabrics leftover from my heirloom quilt project. Auntie MBA ordered this quilt, saying only "I want it be SOFT." The way she said the word soft made it clear this is the selling point for a blanket for the youngins in her bloodline. The baby's parents live in Texas, so I picked winky backing with a cotton top and no batting. Flannel would have been too hot, I figure. I could be wrong. Any input on fabric choices in different climates is welcome!

Tara Curtis1 Comment