Southwest Iowa Represent!

This weekend was Tivoli Fest in Elk Horn, IA. Elk Horn is home to Prairie Star quilts, which is one of the best ever quilt shops. Julie, the woman who owns the shop, knows how to collect fabric! Out back and across the alley from the store, they have a retreat center (for classes, etc.) and hosted a quilt show there for Tivoli Fest. These quilts were made by women in Southwest Iowa, where I hail from, so I was excited to see what they've been up to.

We could vote for one quilt as best in show, and I voted for this quilt, by Liz Wilson in Glenwood, Iowa. It's called Kaffe's Garden and is a snowball design using fussy-cut fabric for the snowballs. This was a clever idea that turned out looking freaking amazing. I loved every single showball and wanted to photograph each of them.


There wasn't a vote for funniest quilt, but if there had been the award would easily go to this quilt made from re-purposed Crown Royale bags!


I give the perfection vote to this meticulous little quilt, "Pineapple" by Sue Wagner in Oakland, Iowa. It used 405 pieces, and was obviously put together with extreme care and skill.


I am going to make a Tumbling Blocks design one of these days. It's the perfect design for a quilt to make for Donald I think. This one is the best I've ever seen in person.


Here are some of the other entries:


Enjoy your long weekend, peoples!

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