First off, all quilters are hoarders. It's an inherent quality, or it's a natural by-product of the hobby, or who knows. But all quilters have what they call a "stash." In most cases, "stash" refers to a room full of stacks and drawers and closets and closets of fabric. Last weekend I helped my mom organize her scraps.


SCRAPS. You realize scraps are just the leftover pieces of fabric from a previous project, right? After we were done, we had put together several kits' worth, enough for several quilt tops.


I was given a couple quilts' worth of scraps for my trouble (to add to my stash). But who will help me organize?!


Also, just to be funny, I took a secret pic of my crazy mother's scissor collection. After, I found two pair I didn't get in this pic, AND she e-mailed me to say she'd bought another pair. I love this woman.

So, I haven't been sewing hardly at all. I'm re-reading the George R. R. Martin series and living my whole life on turntable.fm !

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