Leaving Kalona is a Tragedy

Don and I found a house to rent in IC, so will be leaving Kalona mid-July. Truly this is a tragedy of increasingly epic proportions as I think of all the things I will miss (the peaceful clumping if horse hooves as Amish ride by, my walking route by horse barns and cornfields, the Kalona Bakery, and two quilt shops within walking distance of my house). Also rent is dang cheap!
Additionally, how cool is our downtown? Antique shops, amazing food, and quilt blocks in the sidewalks:


These are just a few of the 30 quilt blocks installed in the new sidewalks of downtown Kalona. This was part of a $2.6 million dollar streetscape project funded by the City of Kalona, the Washington County Riverboat Foundation, Vision Iowa, and sponsoring businesses and families.
So I'm gonna miss it here, peeps. I'm gonna miss not being a tourist in a tourist town.

Tara Curtis3 Comments