Making crazy 3-D type stuff up in here



I saw the crazy quilts above at a quilt show in Kalona, then stumbled into the work room of Stitch and Sew Cottage in Kalona and saw this trippy bad boy:


A super sweet older Mennonite woman was in the work room and she told me there would be a class offered teaching people how to make this Bargello quilt, called Infinity. I signed up for the class and the sweet Mennonite woman, Dorothy, ended up being the teacher. Over the next two Saturdays, she taught me a lot about quilting, remaining calm in the face of a challenging project, finding time to sew, and how to reply "Which one?" when someone asks to pick your brain. Dorothy rocks.


The last picture in the above group of pix is of a bunch of empty spools. As Dorothy says, a project like this requires "long distance sewing. It's going to take a LOT of thread." You can see I'm not very far yet, huh? And that's after two 6 hour days of sewing like mad, with three nights of cutting in between. Dorothy makes and sells these like hotcakes, all while being a greatgrandmother and working at the shop. Craziness.


We're moving soon, so I organized my fabric. Then for fun I took pictures of it. Looks to me like I've got enough to wallpaper an entire house from floor to ceiling in fabric. Let's do it!

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