Grandma's Flower Garden

Grandma's Flower Garden quilts take a lot of work. Each quilt is paper pieced, one petal at a time, all by hand. In my opinion, quilt are underappreciated, especially the work that goes into them. None are so slighted as the Gma's flower garden, though. I saw a full size, antique Grandma's Flower Garden quilt at a quilt show that was selling for $200. That's freaking criminal.


A co-worker of mine sent me this picture of a grandmother's flower garden quilt her grandmother made for her.


This house is on my walk to and from work, on Dodge Street. Since we moved, I've been walking to work - about 4 miles round trip. Decent.


Johnson County Courthouse entry way floor. Great idea for a quilt. I won't be doing it because it's TOO MUCH WORK. But maybe you can.


I've been working on an heirloom quilt that has some flower garden blocks in it, and each flower has taken me about six hours to sew together. I'd sell it to you for your kidneys. Throw in a lung and I'll have it quilted for you.

Wanna die of jealousy like I did? Look at this blog of a gal I met recently in Des Moines. She is AMAZING.