Happy One Year Anniversary, Tara-na-Don!

One year ago today, I married the most awesome guy I had ever dated. The day before, my best friends from college, some IC sister-friends, my sisters, my mother, and my mother-to-be all went out to St. Bridget's Flower Farm near Solon, Iowa for my "Flower Shower." Being an older bride (ahem), I decided a bridal shower wasn't my bag. But I love being in the company of women and being crafty, so I organized a couple fun events to help with decorations. I was doing all the decorations myself since Don and I aren't real "wedding people." Yeah, you know those girls who have their dress picked out at age 10? That was, and is, *not* me.

One DIY decorations event was at my place, and we made paper decorations and mints (Thank you to Karen for making the mints. You are a talented expert!!!). The other was this Flower Shower. The plan was I'd buy a bunch of flowers and those coming would bring jugs and vases and make arrangements. Then somehow we'd get them over to the reception and use them for the tables. The weather, the owner of the farm, and the company - not to mention the flowers - were all perfect, beautiful, and amazing.

Here are some pictures of all the arrangements we made for the reception tables, with some close ups (Thanks to my little sister Annie for all these pictures!!!)


And of course, my bouquet (Thank you Cathy DeValk of St. Bridget's for making this - you are the best). My friend Boo made a charm arrangement with photos of me, Don, and my Dad that you can kind of see attached to the bouquet. That was such an awesome idea that meant a lot!



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