Fabric Weaving Tutorial VIDEO: Tumbling Blocks Madweave Tutorial

Follow along with my daughter and I as we set up and weave a madweave in the tumbling blocks design. A great resource for in-depth instruction (and inspiration) is Hex Weave & Mad Weave: An Introduction to Triaxial Weaving by Elizabeth Lang-Harris & Charlene St. John, Schiffer Publishing

Tumbling Blocks Madweave

The fabric I am using is Cotton + Steel, from the Bluebird and Sprinkle lines.

I refer several times to a flat weaving needle, which is the WEFTY Needle I invented and sell in my Etsy shop. After searching for something like it and finding the tool didn't exist, we created it. I can't overstate or oversell this: the WEFTY Needle makes weaving much easier on my hands while greatly improving the accuracy and overall look of the piece. But a WEFTY Needle is not required, and I provide tips for those weaving without one.

Make sure to share your weaving with me. I can't wait to see what you can do! Instagram | @weftyneedle #weftyneedle