Tools for Weaving: Updated

This October will mark my Weaveversary as I celebrate one year of fabric weaving. My goal over the last year has been ultimately to weave better and more often while saving my back and shoulders. Many of these tools have been instrumental in helping me do that. 

Here are my favorite tools and why I think they are critical for a weaver to have at his or her disposal:

1) Hex Weave & Mad Weave: An Introduction to Triaxial Weaving, Schiffer Publishing. This book continues to be an invaluable resource to me. It's informative and inspiring. 

2) Zirkel Magnetic Organizer Pin Cushion. A magnetic pin cushion is mandatory. Pushing pins back into a traditional pin cushion, or trying to finagle a box, wastes time and wears out your hands. The Zirkel is fantastic and even comes in this fun and gorgeous Lime color.

3) WEFTY fabric weaving needle. I designed this tool specifically for weaving with fabric strips and so it's the best tool for the job. The WEFTY allows you to weave on interfacing easily, weave with thicker material (like double folded strips, canvas, or denim), and use just your finger to move the tool through the design. The product's intent is to save wear and tear on your hands while helping to improve the overall look of your woven piece.

Zirkel, WEFTY, and Foam Core Board all hard at work.

Zirkel, WEFTY, and Foam Core Board all hard at work.


4) SF101 by Pellon. You will need a way to secure your woven panel, and a lightweight woven interfacing is the only way to go. I use SF101 by Pellon for every woven project because it stays fused until well after the basting stitch.

5) 1/2" Foam Core Board by Elmers Products. I buy the 20"x30" foam boards in cases of 10 from Dick Blick for classes. But the boards can be found at Michaels and other craft stores pretty easily.

6) Simplicity Bias Tape Maker Machine. Owning and using this machine has been a lifesaver. It works and it works really well! I'm really happy with how much time and sore muscles it continues to save me. 

7) Best Press. I use a LOT of spray starch. Make sure you get the scentless kind! I spray my fabric strips and then iron them, either by hand with a hot iron, or with my bias tape maker machine.

8) Bias Tape Maker. While I almost always just use my hands for making 1" strips, I did on occasion find a use for the 1/2" Clover Bias Tape Maker before I started using the machine. Making 1/2" strips is much less dangerous with the tape maker between your hands and a hot iron!

I hope this list is helpful and that it makes weaving easier for you! These tools are only the ones myself and my students find helpful as we weave. This page contains some affiliate links.

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