Cotton Cuts Mystery Block - First Month!

I’m kicking off the Cotton Cuts “Cosmos” Mystery Quilt!

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Every year Cotton Cuts hosts two mystery quilts and this year they asked me to join 8 other bloggers to help sew their Fall one. The finished quilt is being raffled off here, with proceeds to benefit Valley Industries, a non-profit sheltered workshop that provides dignified employment opportunities to the intellectually challenged and to those with other disabilities.

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These two blocks took me about 30 minutes (if that) to sew because Cotton Cuts sends you pieces already cut, with detailed pattern instructions. From the unsolicited comments I’ve received on my Instagram posts about this Puzzle Mystery Quilt program, its rewarding fun and has garnered a lot of repeat customers. There’s still time to join up here.

Not even I know what the final quilt will look like (or what the other blocks look like, for that matter), but I can tell you the color ways are beautiful. The color way I worked with for these blocks is called Nicole and features Sunprint by Alison Glass. My girls were crazy about the fabrics, and my 7 year old especially had a lot of questions about what was happening with the blocks once I was done. Needless to say I’ll be buying raffle tickets for this quilt :D

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Here are is the schedule of bloggers helping to sew up this gorgeous quilt for a great cause:
 –   Wefty Needle

August – Twiggy Opal

September – Silly Mama Quilts

October – Clover & Violet

November – Color Girl Quilts

December – Debby Brown Quilts

January - TheYvetteRene

February - GiucyGuice

March – Cotton Cuts

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