Tara J Curtis, WEFTY, TJAYE, LLC

Tara J Curtis, WEFTY, TJAYE, LLC


Email | weftyneedle@gmail.com

Instagram | @weftyneedle

Tara J Curtis is an inventor, pattern designer, product developer, and entrepreneur. She began her work in the craft industry in 2015 by creating multi-dimensional, functional fabric art for the home using classic and madweave techniques. Her work, as well as her invention of the WEFTY Needle to make weaving easier, garnered attention from other makers. Tara opened her business WEFTY in January of 2016. 

WEFTY started in a garage on a 3D printer and has grown to include patterns, products, classes, and workshops. Her first invention, the WEFTY Needle, is the only needle made by a weaver designed specifically for use with fabric strips and bias strips. Learn more here

Tara is a huge supporter of other creative business owners, and a proud member of the Craft Industry Alliance

Tara's first career was advocating for the rights of rape victims. When someone experiences sexual assault, she starts by believing that person. Everyone deserves to live a life free from violence! 

Tara lives with her husband and two daughters in the only Waunakee in the world.