Ikat Quilt in Aura

Take a look at my new lap quilt!


I really love Mister Domestic’s new line Aura, available from Art Gallery Fabrics. It’s got all the colors of a tropical garden, mixed with geometric patterns, mandalas, and sea life. It’s tropical but blends well with fall colors and is just all around really pleasing. I’m super into it.


For this quilt, I mixed Aura with AGF Denim in sage and AGF Linen in charcoal.

Pieces of Aura cut and ready to go.

Pieces of Aura cut and ready to go.

I saw my friend Jeana (@coveredthread on Instagram) making a stunning amazing quilt at a retreat called the Ikat Quilt. I decided it would work perfectly for Aura. The pattern is available from Stitched In Color in PDF form. I’d say this pattern is written for a confident intermediate quilter who is patient and doesn’t avoid math. You have to multiply the cutting instructions for one block to solve for how many pieces you’ll need for the size you want. Keeping the pieces organized and laying out the quilt can be daunting if you’re a newb. One amazing and wonderful thing about this design (besides how cool it looks) is that there aren’t many seams to match up, so it’s easy to sew.


Heather of Blue Turtle Quilting worked her longarm magic on this quilt for me and did a great job! Many thanks to my husband Donald for being my quilt handler at Olbrich’s Indoor Tropical Gardens, and also many thanks to Mathew of Mister Domestic for the beautiful fabrics.


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Thanks for reading! I hope whatever you’re working on right now is rewarding for you.

-Tara of WEFTY